Best Criminal Lawyer In Ohio

Stevin Groth literally saved my future. He treated me with nothing but respect and dignity, with stern sound advice, and helped me through the most difficult period of my life. I would recommend him for anybody that is serious about finding legal representation in the state of Ohio. He has practiced in multiple states and is extremely professional on top of being a well-known and well-respected part of the legal system. If you are dedicated to providing exactly what he asks for you can expect what he says to come to fruition and in my case…more!!! My life would be utterly over if I did not acquire his representation in my criminal case and follow through on every step of his directions. He worked with me and kept me in the loop every step of the way and drastically altered the course of my trial. I could of never envisioned the events following my arrest going in the direction that they did and it was only possible due to the excellent legal representation on behalf of Stevin Groth.

– Mark

Exceptional and Professional

Stevin is by far the best Lawyer that I have encountered. He is professional, knowledgeable and very patient. I have lived out of the country for the past 5 years and anytime I needed legal assistance he has always been there for me as if I was next door. I would strongly recommend Stevin Groth no matter what the circumstances are. His dedication and attention to detail is what’s appreciated the most. Thanks for all that you have done and you will continue to do for me.

– Lawrence

One of the best Stevin Groth

Fortunately and also unfortunately i have had the pleasure of having Stevin Groth represent me. He is very professional and has a really good re pore with the courts in the Toledo area. I have always been very happy with his representation. One of his best attributes is his personal service. He always returns calls or messages promptly. I definitely would and have recommended Stevin Groth. I don’t even think about calling on any other attorney . One of , if not the best.

– Michael

Worth Reading

Stevin Groth, a man of integrity. He is very knowledgeable. Stevin has come to my aid several times. He is an excellent presenter for schools or other organizations. Personally, my daughter just received her Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice. She is aspiring to be an attorney. Not knowing which direction she wanted to precede in, I asked Stevin could she “shadow” a day. Not only did she observe him in action, she was introduced to several people who shared valuable information with her. I highly recommend Attorney Stevin Groth.

– Susan

I would have been lost without Stevin!

My fiance & I were both in a bind within months of each other & we hired Stevin for both of our cases. My fiance was originally facing 3 serious charges & had a lot of prison time hanging over his head. With Stevin by his side, 2 of the charges were dropped & he was given a much lesser sentence than originally depicted. As far as my case, I had cases in 2 different counties & 4 charges, 3 of which were felonies. I was also looking at doing some time, but Stevin definitely saved my life, LITERALLY. I didn’t have to sit even one day in jail & I finished both of my cases felony free. I know if it weren’t for Stevin, I wouldn’t have been so fortunate. He is a very likable, caring guy & the first attorney I’ve ever heard of to hand out their cell phone number so you can reach them 24/7. I took full advantage of Stevin’s accessibility & he consoled me throughout my cases on nearly a daily basis, which is something he really didn’t have to do. I couldn’t have asked for anything more from Stevin. I will without a doubt contact him for any need I have in the future. I have recommended him to everyone I know & if you’re looking for a genuine, hardworking attorney that will get the job done, I recommend him to you as well.

– Kendra

Down and Out, when the cards are drawn, HE was there…

I had a serious case. He came, he stayed and oh yes, he never left. OK, sol lawyers are harsh, not this one. He is awesome.


They dont make men like Dave anymore!

Excellent from start to finish. Kept me informed and was not shy in explaining everything to me. Kept me calm and was a great comfort in the courtroom. This man helped me reclaim my life and for that I am eternally grateful.

– Lilian

Great attorney – I highly recommend!

David Petitjean has represented my business in both court and as legal counsel for all of my business matters. During our court case, he was extremely professional, reassuring and had a solid strategy to get the case dismissed (which he did). He was quick to share information and updates with me when he received them. He has also negotiated licensing agreements and lease agreements on my business’s behalf as well has providing a wide range of legal counsel for all of my business needs. David is easy to work with, highly knowledgeable and will fight hard on your behalf. I highly recommend David Petitjean.

– Gretchen


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